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Producer, cultural manager and lighting and art designer. Master in Management and Cultural Development from the University of Guadalajara. Currently directs the company Boreal Productora Artística (Boreal Art Producer), dedicated to develop projects in collaboration with national and international artists and companies; and is responsible for the production management of the May Cultural Festival of Guadalajara and the technical production of the Jalisco´s State Theater Exhibition, and the executive production of the companies La Opcional, Future Husband, among others.


Has worked with artists and companies from around the world, such as Les 7 Doigts de la Main, Marie Chouinard Compagnie, The Mamzelles Theater, Subversive Collective Violence, Katia & Marielle Labeque, Luna Morena, Experimental Puppet Workshop; Bonobo Teatro, PuntoD Laboratory; La Tortue Noire, Experimental Machina, Inverse Theater; and the musical groups Les Femmes by Serge, Radaid and Ampersan.


Has developed in many areas of production, lighting, stage design, art design and photography, showing her work in important spaces such as the Julio Castillo Theater, FIDCU (Uruguay), Festival Folds and Deploys of Colombia, Festival Múltipla Dança of Brazil, National Theater Exhibition in Mexico, Foro Sor Juana of UNAM, International Puppet Festival of Guadalajara, Jalisco Experimental Theater, La Cantera Forum, INBA-UAM Award, Onésimo González Festival, Escorza House, Microteatro Gdl, Inverse House, NBC Universal Chain , among others.


For 11 yearshas worked as a teacher at the University of Guadalajara in the Culture Management and History of Art Bachelors.

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