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Imagen de la obra "Brickman Brando Bubble Boom" de la Cía. Señor Serrano


Imagen de la rueda de prensa de la MET Jalisco 2015

Foto: La Jornada

State´s Exhibition of Jalisco Theater 2015 to 2018

Every year, the MET has a repertoire for all the public: from babies and children, to teenagers and adults, with a diversity of proposals of traditional, experimental theater, cabaret and a guest country. In 2015 it was Spain, in 2016, Argentina and in 2018, Chile. In each edition, they present 25 works (a selection of 20 locals plus the invited ones), with 30 performances in 10 days, programmed in 7 theaters and alternative spaces. Boreal Art Producer coordinates the technical production of the exhibition.

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